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The new modular robot concept (“MRT”) consists of a standard Base-Module and Top-Module. By combining one or more of the modules with standard Mitsubishi Robots or Pick&Place Units, Feederand Transport-Systems, a complete modular packaging or assembly line can be built without a long development phase.

The flexible all-in-one
You can build your individual line by combining MRT-Modules with a range of Mitsubishi SCARA or vertical Robots. The Robots have all been integrated and tested and can be positioned vertically in individual positions on the MRT-Top-module, or in a fixed position on the MRT-Basemodule.

High quality, High Endurance, High Capcity
The new MRT Modules are built in high quality for high capacity machines. There are 2 standards available, one for standard assembly and packaging built in high quality steel and painted in our standard colour or according to your colour specifications.

For processes, where materials need to be in compliance with FDA requirements, the modules are available in stainless steel. The MRT Lines are easy to clean, have a cGMP compliant balcony design and a clear separation of process-and drive-area. No matter whether the focus is on high throughput operation, on multiple product packaging or on minimal floor space consumption - the MRT Lines will provide the flexibility needed to adopt to new requirements at any time.

- Download Modular Robot Technology brochure.